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Thread: 2,5'' hdd with wii - Samsung S2

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    2,5'' hdd with wii - Samsung S2

    Hi everyone,

    just have bought a Samsung S2 640GB powerd over usb.
    A friend created a folder named wbfs on it.

    My Problem is that every time i plug in the hdd the usb loader gx and the usb loader configurable freezed.

    Is there a way to find out, if my hdd is the problem.

    It is formated as FAT32 not, should i format it again?
    Should I use a specified programm for formating?

    I started the USb-Loaders over the homebrew channel.

    Thanks for your help....

    so long smokey

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    The drive should be formatted as WBFS and fat32 which would allow games to be put on it as well as other HB apps. Use WBFS manager program to format as such. You will want to create a dual partition with the WBFS partition set as "active".

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    is it not enogh to have one fat32 partion with a wbfs folder on it?

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    No, it is best to have at least one partition formatted as WBFS using WBFS Manager. Take a look through this guide for some help getting your HDD set up:


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