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Thread: Dvd read error

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    Angry Dvd read error

    4.2 system menu , i did everything according to the guide ,went well ,but i getting dvd read error every time i try to launch buck up game using neo gamma r7 and r8. Any sugestions? The buck up games work fine on 4.1 u , running neogamma r7......Thanks ..

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    by 'works fine on 4.1' do you mean a different wii?

    If it works on a different wii but not your 4.2 wii, its possible the wii has a D3-2 drive which blocks out using burnt discs

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    yes is a different wii 4.1. My buddy's. How to check if wii have a new drive, and it is solution out there to fix it? So i can play buck ups of dvd drive?

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