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Thread: NeoGamma R8 Beta 15 Config Options

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    NeoGamma R8 Beta 15 Config Options

    This one should be quick and easy for the pros.

    I have had a softmodded wii for a long time now, and fell out of the loop on extracting dols and removing errors and whatnot, but now I am back and have tried to burn several games that are just not working well.

    I have the new super mario brothers, which works off and on, and I'm not sure why, sometimes I can play it for hours, sometimes I cant even get it to load.

    Drawn to life was another one, it gets to the menu, then crashes with a disc read error (No number, just the error "Please remove disk and restart wii")

    I've been trying Mysims Agents, and never have gotten it to load, and now I'm thinking maybe I'm just doing something wrong in the NeoGamma settings.

    In the config options, what should I enable, and what settings should I use?

    I have a 4.1u softmodded wii.

    Also, if you have any other advice as to why these games wont work, please let me know

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    sounds like it could be a bad burn, bad media or bad ISO. An unable to read disc error is usually attributed to one of the items I mentioned above.

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    Hello logan_fernandes,
    I am also not able to play New super mario brothers & Mysims Agents with NeoGamma R8 Beta 15 & USB Loader GX with USB Drive with my WII (4.2E) . I am also getting Black screen and wii get hangup when ever i try to start game with NeoGamma R8 Beta 15 & USB Loader GX via USB flash drive. I am able to play othere games fine. I also followed davepm Guide under tutorial section, but still getting the same problem. I also tried 002 error fix option, but no luck.
    Please let me know if u find some solution to play this games.

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    Yep, I'll let you know.

    Now, just to make sure I'm burning these right (as I said, its been a while, and I can't remember the details exactly)

    First I:

    1) Open wii scrubber and load my ISO with default settings (save options= ISO; scrub type is 0xFF; and Keep headers=yes)

    2) With the ISO open, I click on "Partition:1 - DATA (0) MySims Agents) and in the expanded menu, right click on main.dol and extract it to a folder.

    3) I open Generic Wii Patcher and click "Open" and find the main.dol I just extracted.

    4) From there I do the Error 001 fix, and Error 002 fix, and override console language detection and the country strings, and also do the PAL-2-NTSC video changer. I hit "Save" and exit wii patcher.

    5) Then I go back to my wii scrubber, and right click on the same main.dol I extracted earlier, and this time click replace. After it does its thing I exit it, and burn the ISO with img burn, at 2.4x speed.

    Is there anything in there I'm doing wrong? Am I extracting the correct main.dol and doing the right fixes with the wii patcher?

    Thanks in advance, I hope I can crack this one, because every new game I made isnt working, but I just found that my old ones are still working.

    Also, If all that is correct, what are the proper settings for NeoGamma?

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    That will work for the older games. However it will not work for the newer games as they have a different type of copy protection. The settings on how to get many of the newer games to work are contained in FAQ's or guides on this site.

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    What IOS are u guys using rev14, rev15 or the new rev 16 tried the latter 2 but no luck sticking with the rev 14


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