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Thread: NSMB Problem PLease Help

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    NSMB Problem PLease Help

    I have tried everything to get my wii to play the game off the disc, ive pathed a clean iso, ive downloaded a already patched iso and some other things but nothing.
    I put the disc in go into neogama laun the game come up eith green screen for a few seconds then goes back to sytem menu.
    My wii is pal and 4.2, I succesfully soft modded my wii yesterday aswell as downloading zelda twilight princess which ran fine.
    Please help its very urgent.

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    Go to DavePM's guide on the New Super Mario bros. He tells many different ways to get it running.

    I got mine running after the first attempt, except I loaded it from a USB HD. :P I used Neogamma R8 Beta 13 with the 2 .wip patches in a 'Neogamma' folder in the SD card. It ran perfectly!

    Go search his guide please.

    3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial (Works on all wii's!)

    Wii 4.1u | Bootmii (IOS) | Priiloader 0.2 (Rev 32) | HBC 1.0.6 | Neogamma R8 Beta 7 and Neogamma RC3* | USB Loader GX REV 919

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