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Thread: mario party 8 weird problem with usblaodergx

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    Us mario party 8 weird problem with usblaodergx

    so running the game works fine. but when i go from the menu of the game to actual play the board or minigames. the screen goes from 16x9 ws to 4x3 full screen. why is that?? anyone else have this problem?? so far all my games work, games like wii sports resort and nsmb.

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    Never had that problem. Maybe you should re-download it? I don't really know. Try searching your problem in the forums, that may help.

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    That's normal. Mario Party 8 only has a 4:3 output mode in the actual game. The game menu is 16:9. Annoyingly designed that way I suppose.
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    Yeah I vaguely remember that happening when I had my first wii non-modded with orignal mp8, i wasnt intrested was for my gf. And she was like WTF? lol. Damn nintendo and hudson no caring about my gfs peace of mind!

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    wow, i knew it couldnt be the transfer. nintendo is getting lazy!!!


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