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Thread: Replace d3-2 with d2(a,b,c)

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    Replace d3-2 with d2(a,b,c)


    I am fairly new here. Have modded a few wiis but obviously have shown up very late to the scene. My wii has the d3-2 Drive and now also does my Parents. My local walmart has been selling the older D2XX drives for a while but with the pre holiday rush they quickly went from LU36XX serials to LU72XX serials. Unfortounatly I bought mine at Gamestop in early november and recieved my LU72XX. I use USB Loader GX and Configurable USB Loader with a WD My Book Esentials 1TB drive with no problems. My parents on the other hand are not very Technoligicaly Advanced.

    My question is can I buy a D2 (A,B,C) drive and swap them out or are they forced to use a USB Loader. I've searched and was unable to come up with a conclusive result.

    And before anyone says return it and buy from flea bay. They want a brand new one with the 2 year extended warrenty through wally world. Plus we recieve a 10% discount due to my wife working there.

    If it is absoulutly nessesary the USB Loader will work but with N not putting warrenty void stickers inside a drive replacement would be great for them with the ability to replace the drive if it would become unsuable.

    Sorry about the long post but just wanted to make sure I explained everything to the fullest I couldand thank you all for your vast knowledge you have made available here on these great boards.

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    Workarounds to the D3-2 problem include using an external USB HDD for game play, ordering the WODE (see Home Page), or swapping out the Wii drive's motherboard.

    The physical DVD drive does not really need to be swapped-it's just a dumb drive doing what the chipset on the motherboard is telling it to do. So, if your purchase was not just the drive, but the drive's motherboard, then yes you have a viable workaround to the D3-2 chip block.

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