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Thread: Problems with DriveKey

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    Unhappy Problems with DriveKey

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I have been having. I have installed DriveKey chips into about 50-60 Wiis in the past 6 months and never had any problems. I have a Wii right now which I installed a DriveKey into and it keeps giving me disc read errors with certain games. I figured it was my burner so I went out and bought a new one, burned games again with the same results. I am using Verbatim DVD-R which have never given me any problems in the past. Also using Imgburn at 2.4x. I thought maybe it was the actual DriveKey so I took it out and installed another one but I'm still getting the disc read errors.

    Its really weird, some games work with out a problem and others will load up, give me the 'unable to read disc etc.' message. But then if I just eject the disc and pop it back in the game will work. Anybody know if it could be the actual console itself not responding well to having a chip installed? I haven't heard of that before but I guess its possible. Any help or suggestions you guys could give me would be great. Thanks.
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    My guess is the DVD-Writer itself.

    I've got a Pioneer A09 and an Optaric Lightscribe in my laptop. The Pioneer won't burn the games properly on any DVD-R I use (Verbatim and TDK), but i've found my newer Optaric one in the laptop is perfect with Ritek Xtreme Red, Verbatim and now TDK (which is the prefered i think) at 2-2.4x speed of burning.


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