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Thread: Blue Screen, Serious Error

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    Blue Screen, Serious Error

    I followed the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" tutorial and the tutorial to get USB Loader GX on my wii. Everything seemed to work fine, and if I take an original disc, copy it to the attached HD, it plays fine. However, if I take a backup copy of a game and rip it to the HD, or an iso and use WBFS Manager to put it on the drive, I get a blue screen saying there is an error with the disc and I have to power down the Wii.

    Any suggestions on what to try? I'm quite new to this. My Wii is running 4.1u


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    again search before posting.....

    blue screen is #002 error... which is fixed by most new loaders...


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