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Thread: Wii will not read original Disc's now!

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    Ca Wii will not read original Disc's now!


    I am having a problem with the Wii as it will not read any original Disc's now...I believe the Wii took a disc update from Rockband Lego. The Wii is not connected to the net. it has system 4.0 firmware with soft mod.
    NeoGamma. r7 will run most original games but not copied ones.... GX loader works great.

    does anyone have an Idea what is up?

    Now here is the kicker Rockband's USB wirless device will not power up when trying to use it with an external HDD plugged in.. as soon as I unplug the HDD the USB wireless device works perfect. any ideas for this one?

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    Go read on trekstars guide on the rockband devices. Also use the search function, if you read the stickies 99% of problems have already been resolved in the past. So you could search it up. Let us know if you still need help after you search.

    3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial (Works on all wii's!)

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