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Thread: Mplayer problem

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    Mplayer problem

    I am using mplayer v0.76 it says loading Mplayer for a long time but it is not loading it. . .please suggest me a reason for this.I already installed DVDx

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    Do you have a d3-2 drive? Those wont accept disks other than original wii ones.

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    v0.75 is working but it wont load the DVD. . .may be because of scratches.I dont have D3-2 as I can play Burned NSMB on a sony DVD-R

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    I loaded MPlayerCE for the first time yesterday and I had the same problem. I found that it would load if I plugged in one of my usb keys. I didn't need to have anything on the key. I simply need to have it plugged before launching mplayer.

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    ok will try dat n will tell ya wat happened

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