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Thread: what software you running on your original xbox

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    what software you running on your original xbox

    I have an original xbox all standard with soft mod running XBMC which i love also MAME with all retro games, i love the fact you can ftp to the consol and update and mod..
    Always looking for new stuff so tell us what you got running on yours ?

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    I have several emulators and stuff, but the only thing I have running on mine is XBMC. It's the King!!!!!!!!!!! Runs 24/7 practically!

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    xbox ver. 1.0
    1.4Ghz cpu
    128mb ram
    2X500gb maxtor ide hdds w/ selector cable( I am currently trying to use a hybrid hdd to improve boot and load times)
    350w atx pc power supply
    6x 80mm stealth fans
    boots strait to xbmc babylon 720p output over monster composite cables
    apps -
    -complex tools
    -unleashx w/ text editor
    -gentoo linux
    -windows98 lite(for the sole perpose of saying it actually has windows!)
    -surealx 64 xxx5.0
    -pcsxbox ver 20
    -dosxbox ver 13
    -mame platinum
    -mame ox
    and way to many games and movies ant tvshows to even atempt to list

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    XBMC is all you'll ever need

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    unleashX, XBMC

    has a 1.5tb drive in it, containing ev ery original xbox game made

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    XBMC,avalaunch and lots of xbox games and emus

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    250GB WD
    All Emulators
    All roms ever released.

    Its nice to bust oh the old machine and play some Forza

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    n64 emu

    how do games work on xbox1??

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    I currently run XBMC with an upgraded 40GB HDD. I run games off my HDD and use Surreal64 to play N64 games

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