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Thread: Official Christmas Signature Competition

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    Talking Official Christmas Signature Competition

    The Contest is now over, View the entries below and vote by thanking them!

    As you all know its Christmas time, and we've decided to have a signature contest to let you show off your spirit. So here are the rules:

    1. All Sigs must be Christmas Themed
    2. All Sigs must within the 350 x 90 pixel guideline
    3. All Sigs should be no bigger than 40kbs
    4. All Sigs must be made by the member entering it
    5. All Sigs must be submitted in this thread before December 24th.

    The Winner will receive a blackcats-games invite (donated by Tristan)

    The thread will be locked and Members will vote for who they think is the winner by using the thanks button next to the user's entry and Winner will be announced on Christmas Day. Entries must be posted here in this thread. Good Luck And Happy Holidays!

    The Contest is now over, View the entries below and vote by thanking them!
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    Lol my first ever sig

    over the allowed size
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    Eww, 350 x 90. Shoulda went 350 x 120.

    Getting on it...

    EDIT: A custom recolored sprite and a plethora of effects later...

    I posted the link to it because it looks blurry when displayed in wiihacks for some reason.
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    Woot my entry i think its good...

    The 350 X 90 didnt give me much canvas to work with but it was challenging fun and im satisfied with it.

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    Here's Mine
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Here is my entry... Hope you guys like it.

    If I helped you out, Please Thank me vvvv>

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    Well here we go.....

    over the allowed size

    had to turn the resolution down so it looks a lil blurry
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    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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    A shitty entry by me :3
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    here is the winning entry

    Over the allowed size
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    40k... really?


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