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Thread: need some help

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    need some help

    ok i have the v4.2u hack working but win i go to load a backup copy with NeoGamma it reboots the wii ??? some one have some ideal way?

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    It sounds like you didn't properly get rid of your stubIOS249 and didn't install cIOS38r14. Try those steps again using the alternatre methods or you can try this:

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    all that did was put me back to were i was i the first place...

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    did it all over agan and the same deal go green and reboots..

    but if i put a non burn copy work fine....... and run it in NeoGamma

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    what game you trying to play? doesn't happen to be one that needs a special patch and which there is a tutorial on how to get working, is it?

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    looking to play wii_resort...

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    ok i have it up and working but it will only play in NTSC. so how can i get it to play in PAL format..


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