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Thread: Priiloader Region free option

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    Priiloader Region free option


    I can't seem to find any instructions to Priiloader. I basically only have one question though, maybe someone can answer it directly.

    I have Priiloader installed and have chosen the "region free" option in the setup. My Wii is PAL and I have a NTSC game on USB HDD I wanna play. Is it likely playable now as it is, or will my Wii maybe brick if I even try?

    If noone can answer, maybe someone can link me to the Priiloader instrucions, where the option is explained? I'm too crappy with computers to understand the program just by looking at the code.

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    The region free I believe is for disc playback only. Although on the loader you are using, you can force your region.

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    Didn't know that, thanks

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    And confirmed, worked like charm. Just push play, so to speak. =)


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