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    Black Screen Games

    Hi, This is my first post but i have been using this site for advice for quite a while. I have decided to backup my backup disks to my hdd. i ony have one 500 gig partition using wbfs. Most games work fine but there are a few that give black screens when loading. Lets focus on Alien Syndrome ntsc-u. Using google i have found that it should work. I have the most up to date usb loader gx. i have ran it in ios 249 and 222. i have tried loading the game with the block ios reload and running just the game with ios 222,223,249. i have the same issue ruuning it from neogamma. the game runs fine from my backup disk and the original. With ios 222/223 i have tried all sorts of combos when installing. right now i have 222 installed with 38 merged with 37 and 223 is 38 merged with 60. i got guitar hero 5 working that way but the others just dont work. can anyone please point me in the correct direction?

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    Black Screen means missing IOSs. There is a link in my sig for "IOSs Games Use". Find your game and what IOS it uses, then use NUSD to download the IOS to your computer. Then use wad manager to install the IOS.

    Here is NUSD:

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    None of the games i am having issues with are in the list. another one is super swing golf ntsc-u. i have tried the alt dol fix but it still has issues. is there another list anywhere that has more games in it?


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