I am not sure if this topic is already in forums but I cannot find it so i am posting my confusion here…

I am very new to wii mod and also to soldering. But I think I can do it and if I cannot I will have somebody do it for me who know how to do.

I was thinking to send my WII to GMODZ but shipping is too much.
So I am planning to buy D2pro9 form Gmodz and going to do by myself.

Good luck to me…

Here is my question:

1) How to put D2pro9 Chip in Motherboard of WII?
2) Where I need to solder ON Chip and ON Motherboard? I show pictures on d2pro9.com about the points I need to solder on MB. But I am still confused.
3) Where I am going to stick D2pro9 Chip on MB? Like is it going to just hang on mother board with all solders or do I have to screw Chip on MB somewhere?
4) Does the D2pro9 comes with all cables (I think 9 wires right) and are they all are already soldered on chip?
Most important question:

Does there any Step by Step tutorial or Video for
How to open WII?
How to Solder chip on WII?
How to Close WII safely?

If anybody has anything then please provide me details.

I really really appreciate all of yours help.

Thanks in advance to all