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Thread: Messie's Guide + Installing Games

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    Messie's Guide + Installing Games

    Hi All I have a few questions

    I have Homebrew working and running on my 4.2 system with a boot2 install.
    I ran through Messise's guide upto Section D but did not run through section D
    (PART D: Getting the backup launchers to work : the optionals)

    Everything works fine I can run my backups etc without any problems the only problem I do have is Installing games onto my hdd, When useing USB Loader GX the install seems to allways be freezing between 50 to 80%

    My USB drive is a WD Passport unit and have also tried installing onto a usb flash memory without any success.

    Should I run through section D would this improve my chances of installing the games ?

    I also have a FlatMii 125 Modchip could this be interfering with the install ?

    any and all help appreciated.


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    what ver of USB LOADER GX are you using??? try to update the ver if avail...

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    While you do have a boot2 bootmii installed, finishing part D would have also given you Priiloader in addition to the hermes ios222/223 installation. The reason that having Priiloader installed is important is so you're able to block any original game discs or online access from updating your console, potentially saving you some headaches down the road.

    There's no downside to finishing the guide, unless you rush through it, and you might fix the issue you're experiencing, and possibly others you haven't run into yet.

    To backup emuhack, usb loader is being revised almost daily and updating can resolve many issues if you're on an older version. Check out the Google Source page for notes on the latest revision.
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