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Thread: Wii Sports (Not Resort) USB Loader Gx black screen

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    Wii Sports (Not Resort) USB Loader Gx black screen

    I'm having a few issues with the original Wii Sports (retail disc that comes with the wii). First, I could not install it in usb loader gx (wouldn't get recognized). So i loaded a backup iso which went fine, but when I load it in gx, I get the black screen. Is there anything special that needs to be set to avoid the black screen for Wii Sports. (all of the rest of my games load fine from the usb drive)
    I've searched and searched, but only see things regarding Wii Sports Resort, not for Wii Sports.

    4.2u / d2pro9 / and soft modded

    thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Can you rip other games to the Hdd and play them without issues? Have you tried different rev's of the Usb Loader Gx? Have you tried deleting the box/disc covers. I heard some custom covers cause issues.
    (If you have done that then)
    It sounds like that your real copy of Wii Sports is bad. I know you said you had a backup copy of it but that could have issues also. Or your lens is going bad on your drive and the data is corrupted going to the drive. Try a different Wii Sports Dvd.

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    thanks for the suggestions. . . i did manage to get it working. i had to burn the iso to a disc and it loaded fine from that. strange that it wouldn't load from the original or the pc transfer of the exact same iso that was burned to disc. at least it's working now.
    thank you for taking the time to try and assist!


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