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Thread: Installed softmod, some games working some not

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    Installed softmod, some games working some not

    I have two Wii's that I am trying to get backups working on. They are both about a year or two old and have hard modded chips installed (not sure which ones)

    I made some new backups and all the games weren't working so I figured it needed an updated chip or an updated softmod.

    I followed this guide

    and everything seemed to go as planned.... however all the games are not working.

    All iso's were downloaded from the same site.
    All discs were burned on DVD-R Verbatim at 2x using ImgBurn (no verify)

    Alot of the games load up, but when you actually go to play it says Disc Read Error, consult your Wii Manual or something like that.

    Do I need some ios's installed?
    Were these just bad iso's?
    I'm thinking I have everything up to date since New Super Mario Bros. plays fine..

    One Wii was 4.0U and one was 4.1.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    nobody knows what might be causing this?

    I just need to know what causes disc read error after it has detected the game and launched it.. From what I understand, if you don't have the proper IOS installed, it won't even launch the game... correct?


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    probably a bad dump, a bad burn, or the lens on the drive needs cleaned.


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