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Thread: (c)ios management

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    (c)ios management


    Maybe I should post this in 7Atem's ios questions thread (or somewhere else) but since I'm new to this forum, I'll start my own thread.

    My story is very original: I had a friend softmod my wii. I had no problem playing backup dvds until nsmb, did some research and now i'm here.

    Before I never touched wads, dols or even the hbc, wadmanager and wii options menu, but I think I understand a fair bit about it now.

    Before risking to break my working system I'd like to understand what I'm doing, not just (/only) follow some recipes.

    Correct me if I'm wrong:
    1) IOSes are basically (hardware)drivers that the the wii firmware uses.
    2) A cIOS is an extended/modified IOS that allows hackers to bypass unwanted features like security and run homebrew apps.
    3) To install these hacks the firmware must first be downgraded to a version in which N forgot about hackers, and afterwards upgraded to the latest (save) version (currently 4.1) to be able to play the newest games.
    4) On the harddrive (is that a flashdisk?) N left some slots open for new IOSes that come with games (or updates) that need drivers for things like microphones or Bob knows what other hardware.
    5) Slot 249 is used by Waninkoko's (My idea about a pointyhaired redhead dude in a dotted shirt is probably incorrect, but the pic keeps popping up whenever i read that name) cIOS of which revision 14 is the latest.
    6) rev14 is based on IOS38. I'm confused here, IOS 38 sounds to me as the wii's (latest) OS/firmware, but what is the relation with 4.1 (3.3, 3.2 etc)?
    7) (c)IOSes live side by side but since 249 revisions use the same slot, those revisions don't.
    8) When installing an update (rev14) it overwrites the existing 249 cIOS. Does this mean that I can install/overwrite the latest rev (14) with the previous version (10) to restore the system?
    9) Q: Uninstalling/deleting 249 makes HBC, disk/usb loaders and other channels depending on it fail, so you can't install a new wad afterwards?
    10) In rev14 the error002fix was removed. This functionality moved to NeogammaR7 (and higher). (Sounds OOP to me). Consequently, some games that worked fine with wiigator0.3 now give error 002, but they probably work with neogamma.
    11) Original games still work, no matter what cios/loaders are installed. (The deeper question is: As long as N's IOSes are left intact, the wii can start up and load original discs.)

    I installed the NeogammaR7 wad just to try, and as expected it states that my rev(10) doesn't work. Is it best to uninstall it and reinstall after updating to rev14?

    The rev14 wad download on mediafire found on this forum seems gone, but there is this zip containing a dol.
    I found the wad at: IOS38-64-v3610.wad, but am not sure which to use. I thought I wanted the wad because that can be uninstalled, but after my own point 9 I'm not sure if that is a good idea. (Is that why the wad was removed?)

    The wii came with 4.1E (maybe 4.2 but I guess not). I assume that after downgrading it was 3.2 or 3.1 (never looked). Now it is 4.1. Can that be caused by the nsmb backup I tried (and allowed to update)? Was that reckless? Can it be an easy way to update to 4.1?

    I think it's a good idea to stop spawning questions for now :-)

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    read it, use google, read other guides in our guides section, and look at some of the threads and see the questions and answers given.

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    You were right, instead of reading more and more and over and over, I just had to start trying.

    I updated to rev14. The wad didn't work so I used the dol installer. Had a bit trouble finding the correct ios38.wad, but when I did it went smooth.

    After verifying that my games still run I moved on to patching nsmb. Since I didn't want to waste another dvd I opted to use alt dol loading. A minor issue was that I couldn't tell if the game key contained an O or an 0, so I simply put 2 copies of the dol on my SDcard. It ran on the first try, and that after knowing close to nothing about all this stuf a few days ago.

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