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Thread: Update to 4.2 gave error, will Homebrew etc be ok ???

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    Update to 4.2 gave error, will Homebrew etc be ok ???

    Hi everyone, newbie here after a bit of advice.

    After buying a brand new Black Wii running v4.1e i installed the homebrew channel, bootmii, priiloader etc etc and everything seems fine.

    I came to install BBC iPlayer via the shop which said it needed updating to 4.2 to open, foolishly i started the update which commenced for a minute or two then came up with a 'update failed' error.

    My Wii still says menu 4.1e, has any damage been done ? and how do i go about finding out if any softmod stuff has been changed/disabled & if the Bootmii has been modified ?????

    any advice would be appreciated to get a foolish newbie out of the potential mire



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    If the update failed then nothing probably happened and you're still on 4.1e. Just try launching a backup through USB Loader. If you want to use the shop channel and want to keep your homebrew, use the WiiShop and IOS61 Installer app.


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