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Thread: Unable to Load ISO Files From External HDD

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    Unable to Load ISO Files From External HDD

    Ok so I've read all the forums and searched on some key words but I still can't find anything that has helped me as yet. Apologies if I've missed something by chance.

    I want to use my HDD to dump/load ios files on my Wii as I cannot get a wireless connection where I am. I'm able to load and play discs using NeoGama fine.

    I've downloaded several iso loaders and none of them seem to recognise my Lacie 500gb hard drive which I checked and it did seem as though it should be compatible. I have created two partitions 1. WBFS using the WBFS Manager (primary and active) 2. NTCS (inactive). I also tried just having a Fat32 partition and an inactive NTCS but this didn't work either (i followed a really handy guide on this site to make it wbfs).

    The apps I've downloaded and the issues I get with them are:
    USB Loader V1.2 - Mounting iso error (tried multiple slots and turning it on at various times)
    USB Loader GX V1.0 - Doesn't recognise the usb connection (tried multiple slots and turning it on at various times
    Super Dumper - Doesn't recgnise the usb connection. Occassionally throws up a page with lots of file numbers

    I've also reinstalled Cios 38 Rev 14 but this hasn't helped either

    So all of this "appears" to point to my hard drive and either it's a bucket of rubbish or i haven't formatted it correctly. Can someone please help if you've been through this as well and figured out a way?


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    I have big problems with my lacie 500gb to.
    But my lacie 500gb is an porche design and the one in the compatiblelist is some other design i dont know if thats the problem.
    i dont know if it is compatible i will try with another hdd today
    mine works to copy a original to on the wii but fails if i load an iso with wsbfmanager 3.0

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    most HDD are compatible, but just make sure u r using IOS 249
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    did not work for me with the lacie . tested an western digital passport now worked direktly no problems att all.

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    My 160gig lacie didnt work either Went out and bought the Seagate freeagent go 250gig and worked great! The 350gb version works great too.


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