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Thread: How to work "New Super Mario Bros." on a SoftMii hacked 3.2 System

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    Red face How to work "New Super Mario Bros." on a SoftMii hacked 3.2 System

    Hey Guys

    I realize that this thread probably exists somewhere in the vast expanse of the wiihacks-forum-universer and that this is probably the wrong forum anyway... but it seems that i am restricted to only this part of the Forum so i might as well post here.

    i have a 3.2 System hacked woth the SoftMii (Softmod) and preloader.

    i tried and burned about 3 or 4 torrents which promised me that i would get them to work... but i didnt and i am runnig out of dvd-r.

    1. is there a torrent which will just work like every other game. (by now i have burned about 40 wii games and they all worked with my softmii hack from the beginning but i cant find the right torrent.... so is there one฿

    2. is there a new protection on the new wii games for which i have to prepere in the future

    3. or do i just need a new IOS or rev or cIOS or whatever.

    if u decide to move this Thread/post please let me know .... i dont know if i would find it again. or maybe some allmighty hacker/cracker-joe could just link me the right place...

    thanks for listening
    sorry to inconvenience you
    have a good day
    mister miagi

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    You both need to look up the guide by Dave_PM. This game is working... sigh.

    Go Here...

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    Thumbs down ?????

    Ok Junkmailturds. I did just as you said. I went to the page there and then upgraded my cIOScorp to 3.5. That did not solve anything. So, now what? I still run into the Goomba guy and it still freezes and then tells me that it can not read from the disc.

    Yes I did delete my other post, it was about getting Super Mario Bros to work on a 3.2U Wii with SoftMii on it. Of course it was for people who might not have modded their wii's, or who don't wanna go through the process of upgrading their files, cause you had to do no modding to get it to work. Just change a few settings. Yes, it worked with the old stuff, not having to upgrade anything..... But I did have a problem with the game freezing when I hit the Goomba on world one, the one who is in the grey square, just after the bridge. It does this with 5 copies I have. Not sure why it does.

    Anyway, Junkmailturds. What advice do you have now? I mean, you shot down my post saying "look up the guide by Dave_PM. This game is working... sigh." Nice little sigh in there, like fixing New Super Mario Bros without modding or upgrading anything on your 3.2U SoftMii Wii is old news. lol, funny, you sigh, and well I see nothing on other sites about doing this, everyone pushes upgrading. lol, here I am able to assist people with ZERO chance of brick, but that's no good for you.

    Anyway, Junkmailturds..... Sigh...... I still have same problem, freezing when I run into big goomba in grey square of world one. Can you fix this?........ Sigh........

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    When games don't work its only one of 3 things

    Hardware error (cant read the disc - for whatever reason)

    Software error - you dont have the correct version IOS hence the upgrade route.

    ISO error - you have a bad image. Or the game needs patching etc.

    I have several games that don't work - sometimes I have had to download different releases inorder to get one that works on my wii,

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    people, for a working torrent, get the "NSMB wii USA by QwiiF" Just google or join Ilovetorrents<dot>com and get it there. Tons of seeders

    I have modded a 3.3U (mine), 3.4U, 4.2U and they all play NSMB fine.

    I modded so many i forget the exact details but after doing TBR if u have the bug, just install the IOS. I think i used IOS38-64-v3610.wad on all of these, and then use NeoGamma R8 Rev14 to load the game. This works from a hard drive, Thumb drive, or a burnt DVD-R. And that is pretty much it. I also just googled everything and did not have to post at all


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