Here is my problem, every game works off of my Usb Hd but not Guitar Hero 5, I just get a black screen, no controls, and the system does not reset. I am running a 4.1U, Usb Loader Gx Forwarder Rev 863, Cios 249 Rev 14, Hermmes 222/223 is installed. I go into the Usb Loader settings just for that game and put the Ios on 222 and try to run it and nothing. I have tried all the different options. The game loads on the Usb Hd when I use Uloader from the HC. But I want this to load on Usb Loader Gx. I have also installed ios56 because that is what the guide told me to due. Any suggestions, I am not a noob and have looked at all the different guides and nothing works for me.