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Thread: Wii fit plus channel...

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    Exclamation Wii fit plus channel...

    I tried to install the wii fit plus channel from a copy disk (bad idea) and now I can't enter in the native wii system menu...

    The preloader and the homebrew still work and I am still able play games or code, but only with homebrew.

    My system menu was 4.2 ntsc, I used the trucha bug and banerbomb to install cIOS38r14. At my great surprise, my boot mii backup is corrupt... so this is not a possible solution.

    If I understand well enough, I need to delete the wii fit plus channel to get my system menu back, but where is it ? Is there is another safer way to proceed ?

    Can somebody help me ?


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    Preloader> AnyTitleDeleterMOD > Locate the Wiifitplus channel and delete.

    Don't delete anything else though.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Hi, but where is it ?
    I looked in the ios 36 and 249 and some other without any success.
    Am I supposed to see the "Wii Fit Plus Channel" or it will be a string ?

    Thank you for your help !!!

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    Hi, it is not working, I deleted the wii fit chanel but I still can't enter the system menu... Is it a good idea that I revirginize my wii and reinstall the hack ??

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    how do you run preloader?

    Everytime I try to turn on my wii, I'm getting a system memory full message

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    The preloader runs by default on my wii ... I will try to post the topic again under the brick section for more help ... I think my wii is bricked.

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