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Thread: Hi from a long term Wii Owner, recent softmodder, thanks to you.

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    Smile Hi from a long term Wii Owner, recent softmodder, thanks to you.

    Hi Wii Hacks,

    I recently decided to get into this USB loading, after buying quite a few bad games, and not being able to afford the games my kids wanted.

    I'm stuck on loading Boom Blox Party and Band Hero, with 002 errors, so thought I would seek advise, I have seen a few articles about getting the right IOS for the right game, but unsure where to find the IOS WAD's for download

    Looking forward to a Wii Boom Blox Christmas.


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    Look into NUSD [google NUSD WiiBrew], it will allow you to browse IOSs and download them accordingly. Then you use Wad Manager to install the IOS. But in your case an 002 error is easily fixed. There is an 002 fix [also called anti 002] option in the loader that you are using, I believe NeoGamma r8 has it built in though.

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    Want to find out a bit about USB loading, try THIS!link out [thanks gen3sf]

    Any other questions/answers that were not covered, then please ask them HERE! [thanks ModderMan for the awesome site]

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    Have Fun! and Good Luck!!!!

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    Hi S0ur,

    I tried turning on 002 fix = Anti-002 on USB LoaderGX, and it now doesn't load, has a standard files corrupt contact Nintendo message every time I run it.

    I normally use CoverFloader, with runs 90% of my games, but tried LoaderGX for this 002 fix.

    I will try and get the latest LoderGX, and will try NeoGammer, which is the safest version v7 or v8


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    Either one will work fine. And thats weird the error message your getting. You can give WiiFlow a shot too.

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    Hi S0ur and thanks

    well I upgraded to v1.0 of USB Loader GX, installed some missing IOS wads (53, 56, 58), turned on error_002 and now I have all my games working.....well almost, all except Band Hero

    that one just wont load, going to try and get another ISO, or maybe GH5 as I know this is equally challenging to get working.




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