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Thread: how to find out what chipset i have??

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    how to find out what chipset i have??

    hey, i just got a new nintendo wii and wanted to know if its possible to mod it. I have heard that the new generation wiis can not be modded to read off Dvdr discs. my seriel number starts with LU72....

    any info would be greatly appricated

    also what would be the best mod for this unit

    thanks in advance...

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    Google wii chip database. You will find all your answers there. My guess would be that your wii has no drive chip, therefore would not be able to play from the drive.

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    New Wii with Wasabi DX

    I have no success with the newer manufactured Wii out in the market. Tried installing Wasabi DX on this batch of Wii and I observe all the backup (working ones) stop spinning after a brief scan by the drive.

    Notice that there is no label/stencil or marking of the DVD Drive chipset. Upon switching the DVD drives with a D2C chipset model, I was able to play more than half the backups tested earlier.

    In short, the Newer batch of Wii + Wasabi DX= No Go.


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