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Thread: HELP!!!!! 4.2 soft mod no good

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    Angry HELP!!!!! 4.2 soft mod no good

    Ok here it goes I have spent the better part of two days trying to softmod this new wii. I am able to install all of the components for the mod (i.e. homebrew and all the other IOS). After the completion I get read errors from all of the loaders neogamma, gecko, ect. After that I am not able to run any other programs like cios 3.5 or even get back into the wad manger. Some please help need to get this done soon it is an xmas present. It will still play real game version with no problem but nothing else.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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    Well did you follow a guide from here? And what happens whenm you try to load up wad manager? any error codes?

    Did you ever have a problem reading from discs before? Also did you try to remod it with the 4.2 guide here?

    The more info the better.


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