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Thread: 3.4u ntsc to play pal?

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    3.4u ntsc to play pal?

    I have searched and searched for going on 3 hours now trying to find anything about playing pal games on ntsc. only thing i have found is ntsc to pal and that if i wanted to play pal that i needed a tv that supports it. i understand the patching the game and etc...i just have a few questions...well one mainly lol. how do i get a pal game to play on ntsc? i have the original copy of my need for speed but that's one of my games that i can't seem to make a copy of...i don't have that cioscorp installed i don't think and i don't know if that makes a bit of a differ or not. my need for speed original works but the back up always says dvd error(1269) on neo gamma

    i am 3.4u with HBC, backup launcher(only plays a few), neo gamma r7(plays majority of my back ups),cIOS38_rev14 and all of my original disc work fine...well the ones that are not scratched lol

    thank you for your time

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    You obviously didnt search very hard since theres tons of threads that talk about pal to NTSC and vice versa. When using neogamma, go to region settings and change force from the defualt disc setting to wii. Now no matter what region game it is, it will play in pal. Plus make sure you have a program installed to bypass disc updates as an out of region disc update WILL brick your console.
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    i'm just gonna stick with ntsc and stick with backing up the games i have. i don't want to be stealing, pal is not the normal disc i have so....


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