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Thread: Usb Loader GX only works in my TV?!

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    Question Usb Loader GX only works in my TV?!

    A very very strange thing is happening...
    I have a Wii (4.1) with the last updated usb loader GX and a 320GB WD HD, all formated in wbfs, that works like a charm at home, with a 4:3 analog TV. Yesterday I took it to a friends house and when I load the USB loader it crashes after 2 or 3 seconds. One time it showed the Exception DSI Occurred error, but other times it just crashed. First thing I thought was "I f**d up my hard drive...". The neogama worked fine with a backup and then when I tested it at home it was working again. As I only took the wii and hard drive (the friend also has a Wii) I thought it could be something with the version of the IR sensor, or something with the AC adapter, if that can even make any sense.
    Today I took it to another friends house, this time I took the whole package, and in 2 different TVs (one Full HD projector and one "normal" 16:9 TV) the same problem occurred and it kept crashing in usb loader.
    Now again at home, with my TV, it was back to working.
    I really can't understand what's happening. I mean, the only different thing is the output source, I tryed both 4:3 and 16:9 modes, 50Hz and 60Hz, all with the same result.
    Can the output source being 16:9 mean any difference?
    Some day I'm going to try the WiiFlow and the usb loader gx 1.0 to see if it works there, but it really makes no sense.

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    I dont have an answer for you but, I use Usb loader Gx now and I have both a 4:3 tv and a 16:9 monitor with the vga cables for the Wii, and another tv 16:9 with Component Cables and Composite Cables hook up. I have hooked them all up at one point in Widescreen and Full Screen and it has never been a problem for me.


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