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    Us Questions


    I'm totally new to this, I went out and got a Wii. 4.2U, so my options are limited, I'm totally okay with that! All I want is to play my backed up games from my USB harddrive so the kids don't break anymore! They broke a lot of my DVD movies!

    I was able to Install Bootmii IOS was a piece of cake! and the Homebrew chanel, not so easy the guide uses IOS'S that were not anywhere on my Wii, I read and discovered the option if you have no IOS's and used that, it works! Usbloader GX running off the SD crd at the moment, but I want it installed for good so I don't need the card in, I know there is a guide for that somewhere and I'll do it! and actually play a game I backed up from my USB harddrive! Good for me!

    I'm a little confused and the more I read it gets worse, but I learn quick!

    Am I correct with these statements.

    cIOSCORP V3.5 is NOT an option for me because I have the new drive chipset and it can't read DVD's at all.

    I WANT to install priiloader .2 as soon as possible

    I WANT to backup my NAND ASAP


    If I purchase a new game what is to stop it from updating my Wii and breaking all I have done? Also whenever I see a system update message my answer is ALWAYS NO, correct?

    Any other things I should be doing? I do want to play SNES games and the like but I have to install something and that is after I read more, but a little guide link for this would be helpful.

    Thanks to all!

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    As far as I'm aware on 4.2 you can only play apps from SD card so you cant install to the wii. Although I managed to install a loader onto my wii using a forwarder and it seems to work so maybe there is something in that, yes get preloader but patch ios70 first. Dont know if you can backup your nand on later consoles due to not being able to use boot2, but dont hold me to that as I am not sure, and if there is a way I would also like to hear it.


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