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Thread: I newbie stuck between a wii and hard spot..

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    I newbie stuck between a wii and hard spot..

    Hello all @ wiihacks, I am new and as you would expect I am in need of help on getting my first wii hack working properly. So thus far, I've run through the 3.1-4.1 Softmod by Dogeggs after finally stumbling upon it and registering..

    I had originally started my journey to hack the wii by watching youtube videos and basically installed the cIOS36 and Coverfloader along with the HBC, while trying to downgrade to overcome a -2011 error that I would face.. but all in all youtube would lead to no where and I really hope I haven't do any damage to the wii by following their advise.

    I also have a 4.1u system (which remained after the softmod), and NO wifi internet and so therefore my wii has not been updates. However, these are the steps that I did follow out of the guide..

    All of step 1, skipped 2, all of 3, skipped 4, and out of step 5 just part D where I use the wad 1.4 manager to inside the wad files and neogamma

    With all that said and done I've gotten to the point where in attempting to load the only two games that Ive download thus far (NSMB and Wii Resort) off of USB loader gx and coverfloader I get a gray screen that freezes and nothing more..

    I don't know if this is due to lack of internet needed updates, or what not but any help or advice to get me on a new direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly I would also just like to note that I've heard that loading an original NSMB (which I own) on your system will somehow automatically patch the wii , yet I don't know about the validity of such as statement or if anyone else knows anything about this.. Thank you!

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    there is a guide for NSMB

    there is a guide for WSR

    No game auto-updates your system, they all ask first.


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