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Thread: Question about triforce

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    Question about triforce

    I have read through the whole tutorial about Triforce(playing Wii ware games from SD card) I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I just wanted to confirm, before I installed it.

    From what I gather when first installing triforce you write to the system so there is a chance of bricking if not done right, but once it is installed, loading Wiiware from the SD card through Triforce does not write to the Wii system so you are not in danger of bricking. Is this accurate?

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    Triiforce works solely from a simple NAND dump to SD/USB device, this should not have any risk as it is read only. As you add games to the NAND dump no changes are made to your actual Wii NAND. When you run no changes are made to your Wii NAND.

    The only time that anything changes your Wii is if you choose to install a channel for Triiforce, rather than running it as an app.
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