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Thread: A little baffled

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    A little baffled

    A big Hi to everyone,said it would,nt be long till i was asking for help lol.
    Well i installed the softmod my current version is 3.4E and the homebrew is 1.0.5 i now have the homebrew channel on the WII but for some reason i don,t have the bootmii channel i can,t yet check to see if it will play backups yet ( need to get - discs) i watched the tutorial video and read the instructions when i try to get the bootmii up like on step 2 of the u tube show i don,t get the four options like that,on mine the cIOS38 just keeps trying to reinstall the application even though i,ve done that bit.i would welcome any help please,i did want this done before christmas as it is the little lads presant,and i seem to be doing a good job of botching it up.
    Regards Ady

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    Bootmii/boot2 which comes up when you boot the Wii only works on old Wiis. You can access bootmii/IOS from homebrew channel if you so choose.
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    You need to make sure that the bootmii folder exists in your app folder on the root of your SD. You can either try and find a download link for them, they are armboot.bin, bootmii.ini and ppcboot.elf. Or you could just run the HackMii installer again and in the bootmii install options make sure to select "prepare SD card". It will install the appropriate folder and files for you.


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