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Thread: Please a simple straight answer is needed!!!

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    Please a simple straight answer is needed!!!

    What exactly do you lose if you update through nintendo to 4.2???? noone on here gives a straight answer and another website (Wont name it but it sounds like 'he-brew') says you lose nothing at all. I HAVE updated to 4.2 and homebrew is still working.
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    So is the scare-mongering about 4.2 a load off bullshit then?? why can noone tell me straight what you can't do after going to 4.2.

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    did u update through nintendo? o-o do out of region wad games work?

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    Damn you are still with this same question.

    The main reason for me that I don't recommend updating to 4.2 is because it brings nothing new.

    For most people it will work but it is a lot harder for some to softmod the wii to run backups. If you only want homebrew then yes you will be fine but most people come on here to mod there wii to play backups.

    Now if you don't agree about people playing "backups" then go to another forum where they only play homebrew.

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    ok, i will make this simple.

    ANY more posts from you along the lines of "4.2 is safe" and you will not be posting ANYTHING for a very long time......

    4.2 is NOT safe.

    4.2 kills softmods you already have installed.

    4.2 kills out of region support for modchips.

    4.2 bricks some wii's.


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