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Thread: New Super Mario Bros - D2Pro - v4.2

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    Question New Super Mario Bros - D2Pro - v4.2

    Hi All,

    I've got a WII with a modchip (quite certain it is a D2Pro) which works perfectly with several backups (using it for more than a year now). But when I try to run a backup of the New Super Mario Bros game I get the black screen with "An error has occurred" after 10 minutes of gaming. It isn't a certain place in the game but it seems to be after arround 10 minutes of gaming.

    Does anyone know what kind of problem this might be? A damaged game image? A nintendo restriction thing (It did update my system when I ran the game for the first time and after this I used the settings menu to update to make sure it wasn't a generic problem...)?



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    its a problem best described as "Failure to read the guides".


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