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Thread: Couldn't find any hacks for system menu v257

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    Couldn't find any hacks for system menu v257

    following the guide and got to install priiloader. installed but when it goes to system menu hacks to set the options comes up with couldnt find any hacks for system menu v 257. I am menu v3.1u prillloader v0.2 r30
    ios v30 sytemmmenu v 257
    rest of it worked fine . most of what i read says not to update menu from 3.1
    should i just uninstall priloader or just leave it like it is. sorry i am confused

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    Priiloader doesn't have hacks for 3.1.

    Three choices..

    1) Remove Priiloader

    2) Update to 3.2 and install priiloader.

    3) Update to 4.1 and install priiloader.
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