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Thread: What's The Best SD card to use?

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    What's The Best SD card to use?

    I'm planning to get a bigger sd card for my wii what's the best one? I'm actually interrested by a KINGSTON SD 4GB SECURE DIGITAL SDHC class2 ( HIGH SPEED ). It's good? Really "High speed" ? and compatible with my wii. thank you!

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    I've alway use SanDisk...little more expensive as compare to Kingston, but well worth the money...

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    Is getting the expensive cards worth it?

    Since the Wii can only use up to 2 gigs on a typical SD card, is it worth it to pay the premium on a higher performance card?

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    i think they r all the same and you can get them really cheap at future shop when they r on sale every month or so

    more money = more quality
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    You can find sales @ for a 2GB microsd card with sd adapter...

    Last week there was one for $10.95 w/ free shipping.

    If you used google checkout it will save you $10.00.

    Bringing the grand total for a 2gb microsd card with sd adapter shipped to:


    So glad I bought one of those!

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    Also if you use this tech in many other ways this is also a great deal:

    Using google checkout brings the price down to $4.95.

    It's awesome b/c you take a 2gb and use it in almost anything:

    1) SD
    2) Mini SD
    3) Micro SD
    4) Usb -- which is also great for editing contents on the chip

    These deals are out there and probably cannot be beaten...


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