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Thread: cios249 rev 15 into rev 14

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    cios249 rev 15 into rev 14

    hi, I have a question about "downgrading" my cios249 rev 15 into 14, but i'm a little unsure how to do this. I followed a guide here on installing cios29 rev 14 but instead of using 14, i installed 15 since I figured the lasted version is always better. however, after more experience, I realized rev 14 has less problems and now i wish to downgrade the rev.

    i've searched the forums and checked the tutorials but I can't exactly find my answer. if there is a guide already on doing this, may I please have the link? I apologize because i can't seem to find it in the tutorial section. most of them are just about installing a fresh new cios249 rev 14 for the first time.

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    If a cIOS is well behaved, one usually just runs the installer and the latest install will overwrite whatever version was occupying the slot before. Try it and see if that works.

    It may not work in this case because rev15 is not an official release-there are a lot of bugs. If that is the case, you would have to download AnyTitleDeleter and uninstall IOS249. Be very careful with your button presses while using AnyTitleDeleter. NEVER uninstall an IOS under the value of 200 as it will brick the Wii.

    After removing IOS249, then run cIOS38rev14 installer. Should be fine, now.

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    if i try the first method, how will i know if everything overwrites smoothly? will there be an error telling me before i install cios249 rev14 that it won't install correctly because i already have rev15?

    and if i were to try the second method, i ONLY remove IOS249 and then proceed to install ios249 rev 14 the way i normall would as if i was doing it for the first time right? thank you for your promptness

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    anyone there? just wanted to get some clarification before i try it since i have to wait for a day before i can try it anyways since my little cousin has my wii


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