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Thread: Wii Fit Plus |Update??? :/

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    Wii Fit Plus |Update??? :/

    Hello, I'm having some problems with my Wii Fit Plus (original). It is asking for updates and idk whats wrong with it.

    Here is some information that could be useful:

    *Softmodded with Hackmii (bannerbomb)
    *HBC latest version
    *Wii firmware 4.2u Updated from 4.0u with Waninkoko's Firmware updater.
    *Backup Launcher Gamma 3.0

    Wads and IOS installed:
    *****All of them installed with Wad Manager*****

    I've read about similar problems but can't find any good solution, so maybe u can help me . If u need any more info about my wii, I can post it tomorrow morning.

    Thanks in advance & have a good night.

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    You have the IOS 53 that Wii Fit Plus uses to load, so one can presume that the disc is looking at some other IOS not needed to actually load the game. When you did your softmod, did you not set preloader to skip the game disc update check? If not, do so.

    Is the Wii chipmodded? You have an odd mixture of current IOSes with outdated cIOS and backup loader. The current cIOS is cIOS38rev14, you can either install NeoGammaR7 or try one of the R8beta versions.

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    No, i dont have a chip. Should i uninstall the outdated/unnecessary cIOS?
    If so would you be so kind as to tell me which should I uninstall? Thanks.

    Ok, I'll update 2 Neogamma r7 and come back l8r. Hopefully this is the solution.

    Oh yeah and like 2 weeks ago WF+ ran with the disc channel idk what happened (update was no needed) but it was wierd haha.

    Ty for helping
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    ----- FIXED ----

    Thanks gen3sf... Neogamma r7 was the solution


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