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    Us Thanks in advance

    I bought a new wii in October on ebay it turned out to be a 3.4, yesterday I soft-modded it, but now wondering if I'll regret it.

    We have a handful of games (like 4) but are expecting a bunch for Xmas for my kids, am I screwed when these legit discs arrive? Or do I just have to make sure I have the correct IOS installed for each game we expect to receive? I guess I got a bit ahead of myself with the implications of a soft mod.

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    I dont know what all you did in the way of softmodding but there are some programs youll want to install to reduce bricks and also recover from a brick. First off 3.4 firmware is not a good firmware to be on when its softmodded. That version for some reason is the only version that instead of prompting you for a upgrade (which you can simply power off the wii to not allow that to happen) it will just update without you knowing. Youll want to use the guides in the tutorial section that best fits the firmware version wii you have. Once you have fully modded the console and have the firmware version you wanted, you can then install preloader which can prevent bricks but also help you to recover from them. You can also set preloader to bypass disc updates which is great if you play imported (out of region games).You can also install bootmii which you can backup your entire nand files just incase you do brick, those files are needed to recover. Also youll want to make sure you have all your ios' up to date so that you dont recieve the error 002 screen or the black screen freeze. Also make sure you have neogamma backup launcher installed with cios38rev14 installed.
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    Sorry, my start point was 3.4 I followed the tutorial for such and now have sys menu at 4.0? or is it 4.1? The only thing I didn't finish was Priiloader as that failed on 1st try. So have hbc and everything else in the tutorial (for 3.X) but didn't attempt second try on priiloader. Everything else was fine on install. My wifes worried about existing games we have and others we'll get at Xmas.

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    I backed up nand but the tutorial said that when bootmii is installed as an IOS that the backup is not recommended. I couldn't install as boot2.

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    Games are not dependent on a specific system menu, but require an IOS to load and play. Step 5D in the softmod tutorial you followed installed a number of the IOSes that many games use. You might also like to look through this list after your new games arrive: .

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