Hello, I am Pablo, from Uruguay. New in all this of Wiis, bought console for my daughter.

My issue:
1)Korean softmod' wii (no chip) that allows to play copies and shows english menues english (except from Weather channel -WC- that appears in Korean after clicking).
2) Only 3 black dots are shown when I look at settings (wrench icon). A semi-brick? Must be running on an US version I think, as I bought the console in Latam.
3) New US original Wii Sports Resort Disk asks for system upgrade (think it might not the "dreadful for Koreans" 4.2 system but not sure).
4)Not having wifi, I would like to make the upgrade from the WSR US disc.
5)The problem is that I bought the game and 2 WMPlus devices for my daughter’s birthday and she's quite dissapointed.
6) I care neither for the WC issue nor for the lack of setting information, but I would be grateful if someone can guide me in order to be able to play the WSR while maintaining the ability to play copies.

Thanks in advance
Pablo Bazerque