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Thread: Extracting files from a Wii ISO...

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    Extracting files from a Wii ISO...

    I have an ISO on my computer and this is my first time trying to extracting something from a Wii ISO and I'm very confused. I heard that I have to decrypt the ISO before using it but I have no idea what I have to use to decrypt it and I heard I need some key.bin of some sort in order for the decrypting to work. After it gets decrypted am I suppose to use Wii scrubber to load the ISO? Everytime I load it in Wii scrubber I get this io_seek error and then I can't do anything. Is there a tutorial out there what will guide me through all of this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What are you trying to do for the ISO? Get a program called WBFS Manager (google it) and download that then you can just move the ISO's from your Computer to a USB/SD device that has been formatted (WBFS Manager will do it for you) : )
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    or use a burning program to burn to dvd.


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