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Thread: SSBB doesnt work online

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    SSBB doesnt work online

    hi guys i just put SSBB on my harddrive through USB loader GX and i can play it fine in single player once i get to the Online part when i create a game it doesnt find players
    but when i use the original disc it finds players right away

    is there any IOS or anything missing to make the game work online?
    i turned off Wii connect 24 i am running the game on force NTSC

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    Make sure its NTSC version of the game. Not sure that your forcing it.
    If its PAL the online won't work.

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    ya its NTSC version i got it from gamefly and ripped it via the + button interface from USB loader GX

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    I have this same exact problem can someone please help?

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    Could somebody please help??


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