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Thread: 4.1J freezes sometimes

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    4.1J freezes sometimes

    Hi all,

    I did all "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" tutorial without errors, but my wii freezes (black screen) on some games (PunchOut for instance), when starting neogamma, or even when running SignCheck while analyzing IOS36.
    Any ideas?

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    Mine sometimes freezes as well. I just pull out the power cord and plug it back in and turn on my wii again. Normally my game will work the second time. Does your game work at all?

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    The answer is no. Never been able to play PunchOut, Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty, etc. The weird thing is that it freezes in SignCheck while analyzing IOS36. Maybe my IOS36 is bricked somehow? Maybe I should make it a virgin and try the softmod again?


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