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Thread: SALE - Wii Remote - Rapid Response

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    SALE - Wii Remote - Rapid Response

    Wii Remote - Rapid Response wiimote - Codejunkies US

    Your Price $22.99
    List Price $34.99
    You Save $12.00

    Rapid Response is a 100% compatible Wii Remote alternative that improves on Nintendo’s original with a contoured grip shaped body, built-in rechargeable batteries and a unique programmable rapid fire function.

    Datel’s Rapid Response has all the features of an original Wiimote including solid build-quality, accurate motion sensing and reliable wireless communication but raises the bar by swapping the standard AA batteries for a built-in rechargeable power pack that can be charged using a USB cable connected to the Wii when not in use. This improvement alone will soon pay for the controller just in the money you’ll save not having to buy countless sets of AAs!

    In addition to the rechargeable convenience of the controller, Rapid Response is equipped with a programmable Rapid Fire function that can be enabled on any one of 4 different buttons. Perfect for games that require long stretches of ‘button mashing’ as you unleash fire on your enemies. Simply choose which buttons to enable rapid fire on and then hold any of these buttons down for a solid stream of fire! Awesome!

    * Programmable Turbo Rapid Fire
    * Sturdy, durable design
    * 100% compatible with the Wii console and other Wii Remotes
    * Rechargeable design can be charged by a cable from the Wii
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    looks good. Has anyone tried it?

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    on ebay they sell wiimote/nunchuck combos from hong kong for like $20-22 dollars shipped FYI

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    Yet another USA site, and the UK site the have is hopeless, they don't have any remotes.


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