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Thread: Install the wasabi on latest wii?

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    Install the wasabi on latest wii?

    Anyone know if the wasabi modchip will work with the latest wii GC2-D2C (2)? According to this forum. the D2C (2) isnt moddable yet, but the sites that sell the wasabi says it will work with ANY wii version. I don't know for sure which wii I have but I assume its the GC2-D2C (2) because I bought it about 2 weeks ago. I just want to get some ideas before ordering a chip, thanks!

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    no wasabi does not work on any unmoddable wiis yet.....the only chip that has an update coming so far is d2pro9.....beta chips have been sent to distributors for testing purposes and once its confirmed working the firmware for older d2pros will be released...just wait a week and as soon as the update comes out we will be selling our chips flashed with the newest firmware


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