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Thread: AnyRegion Changer (KOR-->USA)

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    AnyRegion Changer (KOR-->USA)

    So what is the order required here? My confusion stems from not fully understanding what semi-bricked means: If he was semi-bricked, how did he go back to his Jap settings? Did he restore his nand using bootmii? Are you able to launch something like preloader if you are semi-bricked?

    If one wanted to COMPLETLY English/USA-ify a Korean 3.2 console, are these the steps to use?
    1. Use AnyRegion Changer to change the Console Area Setting, Region Setting, Language Setting, and Shop Country Code.
    2. Use something like Preloader to launch Wad Installer to install the files provided by gen3sf to install 3.2U

    Or can we simply use the built in System Menu installer in AnyRegion Changer (near the bottom of the screen)? And after completing something like this, is there no difference between the console and one purchased in the USA? No extra steps or side effects when, say, updating a cIOS or something previously trivial?

    I'm a bit confused also because of another thread. To quote...
    I maybe able to finally contribute back.
    I downloaded the European 3.2 wad, and installed via wad manager then went back to AnyRegion Changer and set all the settings as if I were in Europe and then hit the get system menu and it installed the downloaded wad, now finally my menu is in english.

    semi bricked is when you can use your wii just like normal but cant access the wii settings. So even semi bricked I had acces to my Home brew chanell, and could just change the AnyRegion Changer back to japan and then was no longer semi bricked (had access to wii settings) I had nand and bootmii as a back up if all went wrong (as it has done once before, and saved me)
    It only makes sense to me now that I have done it.
    1. Use the files provided by gen3sf to install 3.2U
    2. Use AnyRegion Changer to change the Console Area Setting, Region Setting, and Language Setting.
    Wait, what is the first download/install with Wad Manager for? Are you effectively installing the new System Menu twice that way? What are the two installs for otherwise?

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    Can anyone lend a hand with this ?



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