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Thread: Game loads with black screen in Usbloader gx and frezes when neogamma loads it [help]

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    Game loads with black screen in Usbloader gx and frezes when neogamma loads it [help]


    i just got my wii in singapore last month and i've hacked it using this thread:

    usbloader and neogamma load their interfaces fine, but when i try to play Grand slam tennis which i burnt @ 2x on a verbatim dvd-r it says [DVD READ ERROR 1101]. so, i put the games [grand slam tennis and new super mario bros]onto a spare hard drive i had using WBFS manager. i then used usbloader (full channel)(not from sd card) provided from the above mentioned post and tried to launch the game. it simply gave me a black screen and i had to force off the wii. then when i tried to use neogamma to mount the WBFS drive it gave me the grand slam tennis but when i lauched it in neogamma it hangs on the splash screen. can anybody help?
    UPDATE: i use Nero [legal] 7 to burn the discs and just updater usbloader to latest version
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    Hi mate, You know, i never had much luck with Usbloader gx ,i had the same probs as you, but a lot of people love it. I found configurable usb loader v48 was the best i have used so far, it has played about 20 iso of my hd without any problems what so ever.

    Nero is fine , you could always check out img burn as well.

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    i got why already... i didnt turn on the 002 fix... u go try too! as for that neogamma error, its cos my wii has a D3-2 drive (so unlucky....) can someone tell me what types of D2 drives to get (D2-E etc) and where to buy them in singapore? any help appreciated

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