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Thread: does the 4.2 update brick chipped wiis?

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    does the 4.2 update brick chipped wiis?


    My wii has a modchip. I can't tell which one, since I had it done for me instead of doing it myself. I haven't touched my wii at all for more than a year, and now I'm back and would like to start playing again.

    If I remember correctly, some games cannot play if you don't have the latest update, and since it's been a while since I last updated (at least a year and a half) there are lots of games I've tried (after applying the wiibrickblocker) that won't play. I don't know the version I have installed right now, but I can check if u want me to.

    So I was considering updating the wii, in order to play new games. However, I did notice the 4.2 madness all over the internet, and since what I read was mostly about the homebrew channel and not specifically about modchips, I wanted to ask:

    Can the 4.2 european update brick wiis with modchips? I did read that there were cases of fully legitimate wiis being bricked as well, which would mean that it could. However, I got the impression that the 4.2 update is supposed to target the HBC.


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    ok so i am assuming you have pal sysyem..right?Go to your local video store and rent the new supermario bros.when prompted install the update from the disc........You will be updated to Sys menu 4.1 and you should be good to play the newer not update online or you will lose the ability to play out of region games,but no it wont brick your wii if you go to 4.2.but dont go there

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    Question can we change wii games from NTSC to Pal

    Unfortunately I've upgraded my system to 4.2 and now It's region bricked
    Is there any way to change the NTSC games to PAL games ?
    I just read something about region patcher for iso files, but i didn't get that .


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